A primer on POE currency


Path of Exile is a medieval role-playing video game that is very popular. One of the main features of the game is its extensive currency system. If you are new to the game, you likely have questions about what POE currency is and what you can buy with it. Here is an explanation of how it works.


POE currency revolves around a system of scrolls and orbs. You can receive these scrolls and orbs a number of different ways. They might be dropped by monsters or chests you find along the way in the game. You also can buy them from vendors or receive them through a vendor recipe system.


Once you have enough POE currency, there are various different things you can buy with it, usually through player trading. Most items you can buy are some kind of weapon or other piece of equipment. There also are things you can buy that will enhance your skill in various different ways.


There are literally dozens of different pieces of currency that you can find throughout the game at different levels. Some of them are things you will want to use right away, while others you will want to tuck away and save to build up items for later in the game.


The best way to learn more about Poe 2 Currency is to play the game as much as possible and improve your skill so you advance farther. This will expose you to more types of POE currency, allowing you to see how each item works in the game.

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